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Who We Are

Joey Dreamer


I’m a Full-time Student and social media influencer (yea that boy from TikTok lol). I strive to peak everyone’s creative side, cause the happiest version of yourself is when you’re in full reign. No matter if it’s clothes you see from me, advice or jokes you hear, my goal is to make you forget your day to day nightmares, even if only for a second, & focus on your dreams.


Why Dreams? No matter who you are where you’re from or how you look, you’ve made a goal of some sort and dream to achieve it. For most of us, our dreams and aspirations get us through the day to day. I started my brand when I was in a really bad place in life. In that time I came across a phrase which got me through everyday. “It can’t rain forever”. With a couple outlets (fashion being the biggest), I wanted a brand to give people the motivation and comfortability to go chase their dreams. 


“Strive to be the proof that it can’t rain forever.” Let’s take this life thing one day at a time, chase our dreams together and look damn good doing it. -Joey 

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